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Ochsner Alumni Association

Welcome Ochsner Alumni

The Ochsner Alumni Association (OAA) has more than 3,200 members who represent medical and surgical specialties, education, and research throughout the United States and internationally.


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 Hector Ventura, MD, FACC, FACP
President, Ochsner Alumni Association




Greetings! In May 2014, at our annual banquet in New Orleans, I had the distinct honor and privilege to be elected as your President. I take on this responsibility with great pride and determination to our help lead our organization for the next three years and leave it stronger and better than I found it.

The Board of the Ochsner Alumni Association and I have established several important goals, all of which can only be accomplished through the participation and engagement of alumni members. I have enjoyed many wonderful days as a trainee at Ochsner and those days have shaped me as they did all of you. I will remember those years forever.

Many of us joined the Alumni Association for the brotherhood/sisterhood and the tremendous network that awaits us after graduation. Despite the exceptional improvements in membership and engagement under Dr. John Renz's leadership, we have to continue in this path and capture the extensive cohort of Ochsner alumni. It is my aim to reach out to trainees, engaging them early in their fellowship, as well as members, highlighting their experiences while training at Ochsner and beyond. In this way, we can bring more alumni members back into the association as membership is not only monetary but for life. Through increased engagement and the promotion of a sense of pride and commitment to Ochsner, new leaders will emerge, passing the torch every few years so that our organization remains vibrant.

The Ochsner Alumni Association is extremely health as we have a dynamic, dedicated and vibrant board and staff. Friends, I hope our best days are ahead of us. Let us know where you are as we would like to hear from you.

It is a privilege to support you, Ochsner Alumni Association. I look forward to meeting you at your upcoming events. We welcome your feedback and suggestions and encourage you to reach out simply to say hello. Future events will include CME events, resident and fellow social events as well as 'Ochsner Alumni On The Road' receptions. This association is for you and I am pleased to serve you.

 Helen Zito
Director, Alumni Affairs
Department of Philanthropy
Office: 504-842-7230