Alumni Awards

Outstanding Alumnus Award

In 1999, the Ochsner Alumni Association began presenting an Outstanding Alumnus Award to a former resident. Frank A. Riddick, Jr., MD, presented the first award to Thomas E. Weiss, MD, at the 1999 Homecoming Banquet. Appropriately, the award is named the "Thomas E. Weiss, MD, Outstanding Alumnus Award." Nomination forms are sent to all Alumni to suggest an individual who has exemplified an outstanding job as a physician, colleague, and alumnus of Ochsner Clinic Foundation.

Thomas E. Weiss, M.D. Outstanding Alumnus Award – Past Recipients

  • Kendrick K. Jeong, M.D. 2015
  • Samuel R. Money, M.D. 2014
  • Bernard T. Ferrari, M.D. 2013
  • Congressman Charles W. Boustany, Jr., M.D. (Thoracic-Cardiovascular Surgery '86)
  • Gordon McFarland, M.D. (ORTHO '65) 2008
  • Myrddin “Merv” Rees, M.D. (GS ’82) 2007
  • Thomas P. Wood, M.D. (PATH ’67) 2006
  • John Cooksey, M.D. (OPTH ‘72) 2005
  • Daniel “Stormy” Johnson, M.D. (RAD ‘69) 2004
  • J. Byron Gathright, M.D. (CRS ‘63) 2003
  • Charles B. Wilson, M.D. (GS ‘60) 2002
  • Seymour F. Ochsner, M.D. (RAD ‘53) 2001
  • John E. Ray, M.D. (CRS ‘53) 2000
  • Thomas E. Weiss, M.D. (GIM ‘47) 1999

Outstanding Fellow

  • Tracey L. Henry, M.D. 2014
  • George Gilly, M.D. 2013
  • Nicholas Forth, M.D. 2011
  • Ryan P. McDonald, M.D. 2007

Ochsner Alumni Society

The Ochsner Alumni Society is an exclusive inner circle organized in spring 2000. The Society represents motivated individuals who by their philanthropic donations and/or years of outstanding service to Ochsner are part of this elite group.

Lifetime membership dues are placed in a permanently endowed fund with only the interest used for Alumni activities. The cost is a one-time fee of $1,000. Lifetime Members are a part of the inner society, which also includes Outstanding Alumni and Honorary Alumni.

Devinder S. Bhatia, M.D. (Houston, TX)
TCV 1995 and GS 1997

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