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Our Mission

The Ochsner Alumni Association has more than 2,800 members who represent medical and surgical specialties, education, and research throughout the United States and internationally.


To develop strong bonds and create a sense of loyalty and commitment to Ochsner among current alumni. To promote a sense of pride when our alumni remember their training at the institution.


  • To develop and maintain a close scientific and professional relationship with our alumni.
  • To stimulate advancement in all branches of medicine among our alumni.
  • To assist in the recognition and support of our alumni throughout the world.

Volunteers Needed! The Ochsner Alumni Association is looking for Alumni to serve the association on its various committees and leadership positions. If you are interested in helping your Alumni Association, please email

Dr. Alton Ochsner's Creed

  1. Develop to the utmost one's God-given talents.
  2. Utilize every waking moment to improve one's self, spiritually, educationally, or physically.
  3. Be honest with others and with yourself.
  4. Be loyal. Loyalty is one of the finest of all attributes and it is found so infrequently.
  5. Leisure, although beneficial, is too frequently abused because of the inability to utilize it in a beneficial manner. Such instances cause waste and may result in detrimental excesses, such as alcoholism and boredom. Mental activity delays deterioration of the mind as physical activity prevents muscular atrophy.
  6. Develop and maintain a positive attitude. Determination and industriousness result in unexpected positive results. Live every moment, minute, hour, and day to the fullest. Strive to make each day better than the previous one. Life is not eternal and every moment is so precious; none should be wasted.


Hector Ventura, MD, FACC, FACP (New Orleans, LA)
CARD 1989
Work phone: 504-842-5638

Jim Gilmore, MD, FACS (Corinth, MS)
TCV 1987
Work phone: 662-603-1714

Chuck DiCorte, MD, FACS (Mandeville, LA)
Gen Surg 1995
Work phone: 985-875-2825

At-Large Member
Chris Fontenot, MD, FACS (Lafayette, LA)
Urology 1999
Work phone: 337-857-0971

At-Large Member
Timothy Riddell, MD (Mandeville, LA)
Family Practice 1999
Work phone: 985-845-2828

Past President, OAA Board and Chair, Bylaws Committee
John Renz, MD, FACR (Montrose, AL)
RAD 1992
Work phone: 251-533-2092

Past President, OAA Board and Chair, Fellows Alumni Society Finance
Devinder S. Bhatia, MD, FACS (Houston, TX)
TCV 1995 and GS 1997
Work phone: 281-397-7000

President Emeritus, OAA Board and Chair, Awards Committee
Michael Trotter, MD, FACS, FACC, FCCP (Greenville, MS)
TCV 1995
Work phone: 662-347-9588

Director of Alumni Affairs
Helen Zito
Work phone: 504-842-7230
Cell phone: 985-400-8831