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Program Focus Areas

Childhood Health

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Ochsner realizes that our children are the key to our future. We believe that if a society produces individuals with healthy bodies and minds, we will have a promising future collectively and individually. Our efforts concerning nutrition, physical activity and education reflect this focus on the work which must take place if we are to create a better future for current and future generations. Based on this principle, Ochsner has made available its expertise in clinical care, research and education for a number of programs across our regions.

Ochsner has embarked on an ambitious project to transform the health and wellness of our community, using schools as the focal point of our interactions. Research has proven that many chronic health problems, such as diabetes, obesity and hypertension, are primarily caused by lifestyle choices. In order to reduce chronic disease in our community, we need to change the choices and behaviors of our children and their families through exercise, nutrition and preventative health. "Change the Kids, Change the Future," is the philosophy guiding Ochsner’s work in this area. By working to alleviate the cause instead of the symptoms, we can affect meaningful, lasting change in the health and wellness of our community. 

Childhood Health Programs

Community Education

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Education is a key element to a healthy population. Most of us want to do what is best for ourselves and our families, but we don't always have the right information at the right time to help us make the right choices. Ochsner offers education in many settings: In neighborhoods, at work, on TV and in your local grocery store. 

Community Education Programs

Community Healthcare Partnerships

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Ochsner actively partners with other organizations in the area to improve the health of our citizens. Many of the major problems that confront our community are beyond the ability of only one organization to solve. Ochsner has identified key areas where our clinical and management expertise can help the community. 

Our Healthcare Partnerships

Workplace Wellness

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Ochsner recognizes that the workplace is a key location for providing education and opportunities to promote wellness. Many businesses recognize the importance of a healthy workplace for multiple reasons: Decreased absenteeism, decreased healthcare costs and happier, more productive employees.

For employees, the ability to obtain information and health screenings at work is convenient. At Ochsner, we not only offer services to companies to help them keep employees healthy, we have instituted a number of programs within our own organization to encourage employees to make healthy choices using financial incentives. 

Workplace Wellness Programs

Service and Community Projects

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At more than 38,000 employees strong, Ochsner has the human resources to make an incredible, lasting change in the communities in which live, learn, work and play. Ochsner is a vital resource to the communities we serve. Operation Outreach is a tool to help harness that potential and direct it into meaningful volunteer opportunities for Ochsner employees which directly benefit the community.

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