The Campaign for Ochsner: Celebrating a History of Changing and Saving Lives

During The Campaign for Ochsner: Celebrating a history of changing and saving lives, we will look back at our 75 years of medical excellence and innovation while raising funds to prepare us for the next 75. So that we can continue to offer the most innovative patient care, we are launching a campaign to raise $75 million before the end of 2017, Ochsner’s 75th year. Thank you for being a part of our distinguished history and an essential element of our promising future. Together, we can achieve extraordinary and transformative change.

While donors may choose to make gifts to the areas that most closely align with their personal passions, the goal of The Campaign for Ochsner is to provide support for Ochsner’s strategic priorities so that we can continue providing exceptional care to our patients for many years to come. This can be achieved through donations to our Campaign Initiatives:

Ochsner Heart and Vascular Institute

The Ochsner Heart and Vascular Institute approaches cardiology using a multidisciplinary strategy to offer each patient a personalized treatment program that suits their needs best. Through life saving treatments, these specialists are extending and improving patients’ lives one procedure at a time.

Ochsner Cancer Institute

The Ochsner Cancer Institute approaches each patient as an individual, providing tailored treatments that focus on the patient as a whole. Our staff includes fertility specialists, nutritionists, exercises specialists and psychiatrists in addition to world class nurses and physicians that work closely with and for our patients. For more information regarding Ochsner Cancer Institute, please contact Anna Combes at 504-842-7134.

Ochsner Hospital for Children

Ochsner Hospital for Children provides patients and their families care in a diverse and large number of specialties. Ochsner is proud to stand at the forefront of pediatric health, offering patients procedures that are not offered anywhere else in the region. We are also excited to be home to the future Mother’s Milk Bank of Louisiana at Ochsner Baptist. For more information regarding the Ochsner Hospital for Children, please contact Traci Lucas at 504-842-2017.

Ochsner Neuroscience Institute

The Ochsner Neuroscience Institute offers the latest in care for patients with diseases of the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves or muscles through dedication and teamwork that provides patients with innovative treatment options. Featuring some of the most innovative and cutting edge procedures offered in the Gulf South region, the Ochsner Neuroscience Institute offers in utero repair of myelomeningocele for babies diagnosed with spina bifida, tumor eradication utilizing noninvasive radiosurgery, intraoperative navigation systems and brain mapping. For more information regarding Ochsner Neuroscience, please contact Eric Stillman at 504-842-1500.

Ochsner Multi-Organ Transplant Institute

The Multi-Organ Transplant at Ochsner has performed more than 5,000 lifesaving transplants throughout the past 30 years. The Institute has the only lung, pediatric heart and living liver transplant programs in Louisiana and was the 1st in Louisiana to implant the total artificial heart. As a leader in the medical field, the Multi-Organ Transplant Institute at Ochsner is proud to serve the residents of Louisiana and the nation during what can be the most difficult time in their lives. For more information regarding the Multi-Organ Transplant Institute at Ochsner, please contact Marjory Harper at 504-842-7114.

Women’s Services

The Women’s Pavilion at Ochsner Baptist offers world class service in Gynecology and Obstetrics. Offering robotic surgery for hysterectomies, gynecologic conditions, tubal libation reversal and gallbladder removal as well as comprehensive diagnostic imaging services and digital mammograms, Ochsner Baptist is at the forefront of women’s health. Ochsner Baptist is pleased to house the Perkin Alternative Birthing Center and a multidisciplinary team of experts and specialists trained in fetal surgery and maternal fetal medicine as well as a Level IV Neonatal Intensive Care Unit to ensure the best care possible for expectant mothers and our tiniest patients.


innovationOchsner, or iO, was launched in March of 2015 to support the creation of innovations in healthcare as well as offer support and partnerships to companies that are focused on revolutionizing patient-centered care. The goal is not only to ignite innovation, but to empower patients to become more actively involved in their own care, using technology.

The Excellence Fund

The Excellence Fund at Ochsner is an unrestricted fund that is supported entirely by the generosity of our donors. Annually, applications are submitted and a committee selects projects to receive support from the fund. These projects create opportunities for improvements and innovations in patient care that are changing and saving lives every day. In 2015, the committee received 125 applications and the Excellence Fund provided $650,000 to the 30 projects that were chosen. These projects included tools that help reduce patient anxiety during procedures, programs that help identify health issues quicker so that treatment can be sought sooner, techniques that reduce the likelihood of infection, systems that help injured patients with recovery and equipment that makes the patient experience easier. The incredible support of our donors creates phenomenal opportunities for innovation and advancement every year through the Excellence Fund.


The Frank Riddick Diabetes Institute is dedicated to ensuring that people with diabetes live the longest and healthiest lives possible. This is accomplished by offering innovative advanced medical care, education and aggressive prevention and management of complications for those with diabetes. As part of their commitment to the lives of their patients, the Institute collaborated with Ochsner’s outstanding primary care clinicians to develop the Diabetes Empowerment Clinic. This six month program allows patients needing specialty care to have it delivered to them conveniently within their primary care setting. This lowers the number of visits needed while providing advanced and uniquely tailored care for each patient. For more information regarding Diabetes Services at Ochsner, please contact Marjory Harper at 504-842-7114.


Ochsner Orthopedics cares for patients of all ages utilizing the latest techniques and technology available to treat a wide spectrum of orthopedic problems. With care available throughout Louisiana, Ochsner offers surgeons with subspecialty expertise in spine surgery, sports medicine, joint replacement, hand and upper extremities, foot and ankle, oncology, pediatrics and trauma surgery. A team of talented and experienced physician assistants and nurse practitioners work with this outstanding team of surgeons to ensure that our patients receive the best possible care. Ochsner Medical Center Orthopedics is the only program in Louisiana and Mississippi ranked among the top 50 in the nation by U.S. News & World Report. For more information regarding Orthopedics Services at Ochsner, please contact Marjory Harper at 504-842-7114.

The Center of Excellence Building at Ochsner

The Ochsner Center of Excellence Building will be a shared space utilized by the Ochsner Neuroscience Institute and the Ochsner Multi-Organ Transplant Institute. This state-of-the-art facility will allow for the expansion of participation in clinical trials and research and will increase treatment capabilities for existing and future patients. With the influx regionally, nationally and internationally pf patients with neurological disorders and the number of people in need of life-saving transplants, the need for advances in neuroscience and transplant methods are essential for our future. These advances will develop new opportunities for Ochsner to be further recognized as a destination center for research and care.

Ochsner Baton Rouge Cancer Center

Expansion plans for Ochsner Baton Rouge include the Ochsner Baton Rouge Cancer Center. The Ochsner Baton Rouge Cancer Center will offer integrated, fully comprehensive care from physician teams utilizing a multi-disciplinary approach. This facility will be the only comprehensive cancer center in the eastern most region of Baton Rouge and its surrounding areas. It will also be the only cancer center in the Baton Rouge region with integration of medical and radiation oncology on one floor in one building, offering our patients convenient options for their care. For more information regarding Cancer Services at Ochsner Baton Rouge, please contact Louisa Post at 225-236-5499.

Please find answers to several Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below. If you have a question about The Campaign for Ochsner that is not listed, please email us at and we will be happy to answer your inquiry as soon as possible.

During The Campaign for Ochsner, we will look back at our 75 years of medical excellence and innovation while raising funds to prepare us for the next 75. The goal of The Campaign for Ochsner: Celebrating a history of changing and saving lives, is to raise $75 million before the end of 2017, Ochsner’s 75th year.

All gifts that you make between 2015 and 2017 count toward The Campaign goal. There are many ways to contribute. You can donate through the donor portal at You can also donate through the purchase of a table at the Moonlight & Miracles Gala and through the purchase of King Cake Festival VIP room passes or tasting tickets. Employees can also donate by participating in the Employee Giving Program.

Any gift made by an employee during The Campaign for Ochsner will also count toward the Employee Giving Program in the year that the donation was made (ie, If you make an employee gift in 2016, it will count toward the 2016 Employee Giving Program and toward The Campaign.) This includes the purchase of a table at our Moonlight & Miracles Gala and the purchase of VIP room passes or tasting tickets for King Cake Festival as long as these purchases are made prior to the event so that they can be properly recorded.

The proceeds from raffle tickets sales and run registrations will count toward The Campaign. Unfortunately, they will not count toward Employee Giving or individual recognition for The Campaign.

Third party events like Ochsner Goes Pink and Dine Out events are great fundraisers for Ochsner that also help raise awareness about different health conditions. The amounts raised during these events will count toward The Campaign for Ochsner. While these funds will be counted for The Campaign, individuals who donate in this way will not be named in any Campaign recognition. Donations from these events will also not count toward the Employee Giving Program.

The overall goal of The Campaign for Ochsner is to raise funds so that we can continue providing exceptional care to our patients for many years to come. You can help us achieve this through The Campaign initiatives: the Ochsner Heart and Vascular Institute, the Ochsner Cancer Institute, Ochsner Hospital for Children, the Ochsner Neuroscience Institute, the Ochsner Multi-Organ Transplant Institute, Women’s Services, Innovation, The Excellence Fund, Diabetes, Orthopedics, The Baton Rouge Cancer Center and The Center of Excellence Building.

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