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Hurricane Preparedness: What You Need to Know

How Ochsner is Prepared

Ochsner Health System has an all hazards approach to responding to hurricanes and any emergency situation.  Our leaders and staff participate in monthly drills and work year round to create solid emergency response plans. Ochsner conducts a Hazard Vulnerability Analysis, which is a yearly survey with key departments. At Ochsner Health System, you can have peace of mind that we are prepared.

Electronic Medical Records

Any patient of Ochsner Health System has an electronic medical record (EMR).  All Ochsner medical records are stored electronically and accessible at any Ochsner location in Baton Rouge, New Orleans, North Shore and the Bayou. If you are an Ochsner patient your records are safe. They are backed up electronically everyday and accessible by any Ochsner physician at any Ochsner health center or hospital location.

Did you know? Ochsner maintains a fleet of 10 shallow draft vessels with a combined passenger capacity exceeding 100 people.  We do, and these boats, combined with additional Ochsner assets, such as two 2.5 ton high water rescue vehicles, comprise our waterborne evacuation capability.

How is Ochsner prepared for you?

  • Environment
    • Access to utilities, water, food and protection – including local police representatives on site
  • Supplies
    • General stock of supplies and emergency supplementation
    • Agreements with vendors for supplies
  • Support
    • Location of an Incident Command Center
    • Working with JPSO, Federal Marshall, JP EOC, and JP Fire Dept.
    • Working relationship with parish/state

Hurricanes are a fact of life in south Louisiana and, during any storm; Ochsner’s top priority is the safety and well-being of our patients and employees. Every year, Ochsner evaluates its response plan in coordination with local, state, and federal emergency response agencies; upgrading and revising as new technology and protocols are implemented. As we prepare for the worst and hope for the best, we want to reassure the community that we have safeguards to protect patients, provide for hospital staff who’ll be housed at the facilities, and utilize the systems regional hospital locations for immediate patient transport should the need arise. Ochsner Health System is prepared to weather any storm.

Medical Preparation in a Disaster Podcast
Click here to listen to a podcast on Medical Preparation in a Disaster by B. Brooks Jr., MD

Louisiana is no stranger to natural disasters.  However, many of us often forget to medically prepare for such events.  Dr. Jay Brooks discusses what to include in medical evacuation kits and the importance of electronic medical records in the event of a disaster. Dr. Brooks practices at Ochsner Health Center on Summa Avenue and O’Neal Lane and can be reached at 225-761-5410.