Heart Failure Digital Medicine


Heart Failure Digital Medicine

 Although it can lead to serious disability, or even death in some patients, it is possible to  control your heart failure and avoid many of its complications. Ochsner is here to help.

If heart failure is not controlled, it can progress to disability and sometimes death. But thanks to advances in medicine and technology, we can help you control heart failure, as long as you’re willing to take part in your own care. Take your medications; adopt a healthier lifestyle, weigh yourself daily and monitor your diet (particularly sodium), and you’ll be on the right track to managing your health.


If you develop any symptoms that indicate your heart failure is worsening

 We ask that you contact us at 
504-475-4016, or contact your physician directly.

Information included on these webpages can help you learn what it means to have heart failure and what you can do to take control.