Taking medicines as prescribed

Taking your medicines as prescribed is important for a healthy blood pressure and keeping you healthy.

Here's what to do to make sure your blood pressure medicines work best for you:

Tips to Follow Regarding Your Medication


Be sure to take your blood pressure medicine every day.


Write it down.

Make a wall chart with the names of your medicines, the doses, and the times of day you need to take them.


Get a pill box.

Purchase a pill box that has the days of the week and times of day. Fill the pill box at the beginning of the week to help you keep track.


Download a medication reminder app to your smartphone.


Ask for help.

Tell family and friends about your medicine schedule so they can help remind you.


Set a Daily Routine

Combine your medicines with something you do at regular times like brushing your teeth or eating breakfast or dinner. Taking your medicines at the right time can become a good habit.


Take it with you.

Remember to take your medicines with you when you are away from home. Bring enough of your medicine with you when you go on trips. Always put them in your carry-on luggage.


Refill your prescriptions on time.

Reorder your prescriptions ahead of time to make sure that you never run out.