The mission statement for IMESO states: “We will inspire holistic healing of body, mind, and spirit through research, education, and innovation.” This statement calls all employees to return to their healing vocation and roots in the practice of medicine. It suggests that the inclusion of a spiritual culture is imperative for healers and those seeking healing to fully respond in an interconnected manner. This mission is reflected in the mission words of Ochsner: heal, lead, educate, innovate, and serve. IMESO was instrumental is identifying the value words that Ochsner adopted in the last few years. These words are compassion, integrity, excellence, teamwork, and patients-first.

The vision of IMESO states that “we heal, inspire and transform through the integration of three major parts of healing: medicine, education, and spirituality. In modern history the first two have survived the passage of time, but the third, spirituality, is seeking a place once again.  IMESO’s major role is to integrate the mission, vision and virtues into one consciousness, serving one another for the good of employees, patients and community. This role can be clearly identified in the testimonies of employees.

The themes of the IMESO mission statement are: heal the whole person, reorient the future of healthcare, development of values and virtue, and instilling meaning and purpose. The themes of the vision statement are: weaving spirituality into the fabric of Ochsner, and to augment healing and well-being for all employees through teaching, research and reflection. These are fueled by the integration of skills, positive attitudes, and compassionate insight and behavior.

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