Spirituality and the Individual

A core realization has evolved over centuries of humanity’s reflection on the human condition: well-being—both personal and communal—is dependent on the harmonic balance of body, mind, and spirit. This simple but profound realization is core to the healing process. The care of one's health is a lifelong process, and spiritual development is a part of that process. Consequently, acknowledging and supporting spirituality are essential for the well-being of the total person, and the inclusion of spirituality will renew the practice of healthcare, today and into the future.

Spirituality results from the ability to delicately balance the ethical, religious, physical, cognitive, and emotional aspects of living. Spiritual development for each person is built on the wisdom of integrated minds and hearts of men and women who make a special effort to unravel the ultimate questions of life and death. This wisdom is revealed through sacred writings and tradition: the collective wisdom of human beings as practiced and handed down through the ages in all cultures.

The individual’s search for spirituality results in the development of wisdom, courage, gratitude, and hope. In turn, these virtues affect both personal and professional experiences in life and, ultimately, help the person to face the reality of mortality. Thus, spirituality is at the core of living in harmony with others, with the self, and with the transcendent.

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