Education is central to IMESO’s activities. Educational programs and services are available for medical students, residents, fellows, physicians, administrative staff, and all employees. The aim of each of these programs is to integrate healing of the mind, body, and spirit for caregivers so caregivers in turn can offer holistic or integrative care to all they serve. IMESO’s educational programs and services provide a culture that recognizes and dignifies the spiritual nature of people.

For Medical Students

Through the partnership of Ochsner Health System with The University of Queensland School of Medicine, medical students study for 2 years at the School of Medicine in Australia followed by 2 years of clinical work at the Ochsner Clinical School in New Orleans. During the third-year students’ orientation at Ochsner, the staff from IMESO provides a general introduction to spirituality and the research on the interaction of spirituality and healing. A 6-month course is now under development that will focus on the identification of virtues in the practice of medicine. The course will be offered to students in a small-group atmosphere to facilitate personal and professional development.

For Medical Residents

Two staff members from IMESO, in cooperation with the Internal Medicine faculty, developed a 7-session course for residents in internal medicine: Compassionate Presence and Values in the Practice of Medicine. The goal of the course is to increase the participants’ ability to bring compassionate presence to interactions with patients and others. Course materials include case studies and an investigation of 6 virtues (courage, humanity, temperance, justice, wisdom, and transcendence) within the context of experiential learning.

For Nurses

The course on virtues in medicine that was developed for the medical students was adapted to be applicable for professional nurses.

For All Employees

Workshops and presentations are presented at the requests of individual departments of physicians, nurses, researchers, and other groups. Each presentation is personalized to the particular department or specialty.

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