Digital Medicine
innovationOchsner is taking on some of the Gulf South's most urgent problems: hypertension and diabetes. But these conditions aren't just plaguing our region. The majority of deaths in the United States can be linked to chronic disease, and iO's Digital Medicine Programs are using technology-driven patient engagement to reimagine care delivery.
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Andreas Rubiano

The very first patient in innovationOchsner's Hypertension Digital Medicine Program, Andres Rubiano, shares how it changed his life.

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The Magic that Makes it Happen

Real-time data is at the center of iO's Digital Medicine Programs. The question was how to get it – and make it painless for the patient. Ochsner Health System broke new ground by integrating Apple's HealthKit with its electronic health record system, Epic. Now patient data – such as blood pressure readings or weights – get shared automatically with their care team through their electronic health record.

Ochsner Patients who achieved their blood pressure goal after 90 days

Big Benefits

Instant Reports

Instead of relying on a handful of blood pressure readings each year to make medication and lifestyle recommendations, physicians are able to see how patients' numbers are trending week to week.

Warning Signs

Subtle weight gain can be a sign of fluid retention in heart failure patients. But with daily data, the patient's care team can spot trouble before it becomes life threatening.

Treatment Adjustments

The patient's care team can adjust medications and dosages to find the right balance more quickly thanks to the continuous loop of information.

Our Digital Medicine Programs

Staying Healthy in the Digital Age

iO's Digital Medicine programs put smart technology in the hands of the patients and provide medical teams with real-time data. Here's how it works:


Patient with hypertension or heart failure joins the appropriate program.


Patient receives smart technology, such as a wireless scale or blood pressure cuff, for at-home use.


Patient is trained to use the devices and starts recording the necessary numbers (such as blood pressure readings or weight).


With each weigh in or blood pressure test, the patient's data automatically integrates with Epic, Ochsner Health System's electronic medical record systems.


The patient's Care Team monitors the results and intervenes with medication or lifestyle modifications as needed.


Patient and physician receive customized monthly reports to track progress.