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Solving some of healthcare’s biggest challenges.

A think tank, an innovation lab and a healthcare technology company, innovationOchsner (iO) is on the forefront of transforming care. Our innovative, multi-disciplinary team uses technology and data to create precision-focused, patient-centered solutions. With a diverse portfolio of initiatives focused on digital health, advanced analytics, and personalized medicine, iO is reimagining and reengineering healthcare for the future.

Our Purpose

  • Better population health.

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    To better the health of our patient population, we are developing new treatment options that improve care both inside and outside the hospital. We are also leveraging data to create predictive models to identify health risks that can be proactively managed.

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  • Enhance the patient experience.

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    Patients are increasingly seeking a consumer-centric patient experience that utilizes technology to provide convenient and individualized care that is safe and effective. We are creating digital solutions and investing in personalized medicine to meet these expectations and empower patients to be active participants in their care.

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  • Improve care team well-being.

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    Our care teams are the foundation of our healthcare system. We are developing tools and workflows that ease the burden of delivering care.

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  • Reduce costs of care.

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    It’s no secret that American healthcare costs are increasing. We are identifying and addressing cost drivers to reduce healthcare spending while focusing on improving patient health to prevent future expense.

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Our Collaborators

innovationOchsner works with organizations big and small, inside and outside the industry, to invest in – and invent – the future. Here are a few of our partners.
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