Healthy State by 2030

Who will lead the charge to improve the state of health for Louisiana by 2030?
Ochsner Health will.

Ochsner Health is committed to building a healthier region to live and thrive in. This initiative is our commitment to improve the overall health of the state. Healthy State by 2030 is driven by a comprehensive strategy to enhance healthcare access, improve health equity and health outcomes.

Our vision is bold: Louisiana will be ranked in the top 40 by 2030.

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Current State of Louisiana's Health

Louisiana has consistently ranked at or near the bottom of the country for nearly a decade, placing 49th in 2020 by America's Health Rankings

The challenges facing our state include a high percentage of children in poverty, smokers, obesity, low birth weights, higher rates of cardiovascular death and cancer deaths as well as the country’s highest rates of chronic conditions including diabetes, high blood pressure and COPD.

It’s time to educate ourselves, eat better, exercise more, and fight relentlessly for our health to end the burden of preventative and chronic disease in our community.

A step from you. A leap from us. Let’s move forward together.

Why Healthy State?

Our Goal: Top 40 by 2030

Healthy State launched with a singular goal: to improve Louisiana’s ranking among the Top 40 Healthiest States by 2030. In this pursuit, we embrace the challenges and can leverage our strengths as leading healthcare, education, and policy organizations and — once and for all — turn things around for all of us.

Year after year, Louisiana ranks near the bottom in nearly all health measures. That’s in sharp contrast to the incomparable culture, heritage, resilience, and joie de vivre that makes our state one of a kind. Moving the Healthy State vision forward, we are collaborating as a multi-faceted team with varied backgrounds, experiences and resources in order to make Louisiana a healthier place to live, thrive and survive.

The Ochsner-Xavier Institute for Health Equity and Research

Ochsner Health and Xavier University of Louisiana combine resources to improve the health of our communities, reducing health inequities, developing healthcare delivery models and modeling equitable care.

Ochsner's Scholar Program

This program will cover medical school tuition for medical students who choose to practice psychiatry or primary care in Louisiana with Ochsner.

A new video series by Ochsner Health

Healthy State of Mind is a video series and podcast by Ochsner Health. The mission is to educate individuals on mental health and wellness, from better sleep practices to reducing workplace toxicity by establishing boundaries and work-life balance.

Healthy State of Mind is hosted by board-certified psychologist Tracey Murry, PhD, and her co-host, Kaitlyn Heckel, a digital content specialist at Ochsner Health.