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Room Types

Ochsner Medical Center – New Orleans offers private and semi-private rooms, except in critical care areas such as the Intensive Care Units (ICU), Coronary Care Unit (CCU) and the intensive care areas for infants and children.

Patient rooms are assigned daily by nursing services, based on the medical needs of our patients and the availability of rooms.

At Ochsner Medical Center – New Orleans, we are committed to providing the best care possible. Part of that commitment is to meet your special requests, including private room accommodations when available. Due to patient patient volume, It may be necessary to place you in a semi-private room or move you from one room to another. In the event that a room transfer is required and a private room is not available, we will place your name on a waiting list and move you into a private room as soon as one is available. We are unable to make reservations for private rooms in advance. 


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