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Ochsner Specialty Health Center - Cedar Lake


1721 Medical Park Dr., Ste. 200
Biloxi,   MS  39532


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  • specialized center

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Ochsner Specialty Health Center - Cedar Lake

Ochsner Specialty Health Center - Cedar Lake offers specialty services in the Biloxi area. 

Maternal Fetal Medicine

Ochsner Maternal Fetal Medicine in Biloxi will offer high quality, perinatal services for any high-risk pregnancies. By combining perinatal expertise and experience with modern and sophisticated technology, like virtual physician-to-patient ultrasounds, we offer your patients comprehensive care close to home.

Patient Appointments Available

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday | 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Virtual physician-to-patient ultrasounds on Tuesday and Thursday.

To schedule a patient appointment, call 228-207-0601.

Services Offered

  • Comprehensive fetal ultrasound evaluations
  • Virtual physician-to-patient ultrasounds
  • First trimester nuchal translucency assessment
  • 24 hour maternal-fetal medicine transport
  • Prenatal genetic counseling
  • Fetal Spina Bifida Management
  • Fetal interventions
    • Vesicoamniotic and thoracoamniotic shunts
    • Fetal cord blood sampling and transfusion
    • Laser ablation for twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome
    • Radiofrequency ablation
    • Prenatal Monitoring Unit for fetal well-being surveillance

Pediatric Orthopedics

Find the best orthopedic care for your child at Ochsner. We offer consultations in the Biloxi, MS area. All surgical procedures are performed at Ochsner Medical Center in New Orleans, LA.