Corporate Wellness & Executive Health

Ochsner offers a variety of programs designed to enhance employee and executive wellness and reduce healthcare costs.

Executive Health Program

The Ochsner Executive Health Program gives you the tools to enhance the well-being of your key executives through annual schedule-friendly physical examinations; which include all preventive screenings, lab tests and consultations under one appointment.

On-site Wellness Programs

Employees can participate in these programs right at their worksite

  • Biometric Screenings: On-site biometrics include: glucose screening; lipid profile; blood pressure; height, weight and BMI; and waist circumference measurement. Results are reviewed by registered nurses
  • Vaccinations: Flu shots and other preventive vaccines can be administered on site.
  • Health Fairs: Ochsner can provide basic preventive medicine and medical screenings to employees at their place of work.
  • Smoking Cessation Trust: Our smoking cessation clinics can offer free counseling and medication services at your place of work to employees who qualify with the Smoking Cessation Trust
  • Hello Health at Work Seminars: These educational sessions, conducted at the worksite, focus on health topics like fitness, nutrition, heart health, and more.
  • Exercise Classes: Give employees opportunities to get moving, lose weight and improve cardiovascular and joint health on site.
  • Comprehensive Corporate Wellness: Our customizable solutions for your employees include access to a wellness portal, corporate health coordinator, education and coaching resources and more.

Individual and Group Plans

for Nutrition and Exercise-Readiness Evaluations

These customizable corporate offerings give your employees opportunities to take control of their health through lifestyle changes.

Ochsner Fitness Center Memberships

Your employees qualify for discounted Ochsner Fitness Center memberships and access to the Medical Fitness Program, a personalized fitness and nutrition plan tailored to meet members' health and lifestyle needs. Two OFC locations are open 24 hours each day for your employees' convenience.
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