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“Outcomes in Oncology” Newsletter

The goal of the “Outcomes in Oncology” newsletter series is to provide health care professionals of the Gulf South with timely and accurate accounts of important cancer problems that they may encounter in their daily practice.

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March 2014 - Enhanced Diagnosis and Treatment of Early Lung Cancer

In this issue, the impact of lung cancer, for both men and women is discussed.

Lung cancer is responsible for more cancer deaths among both men and women than the other four most common cancers (colon, breast, prostate and pancreas) combined.

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April 2014 - Treatment Advances in Pancreatic Cancer

In this issue, Dr. Charles Conway, surgical oncologist and pancreatic surgical specialist, gives insight into the hazards of pancreatic cancer and the advanced diagnostic and therapeutic options available today. 

Advanced minimally invasive laparoscopic and robotic surgical approaches for pancreatic cancer have been championed by Dr. Conway’s surgical team and their surgical outcomes have been outstanding.

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May 2014 - New Strategies for the Treatment of Oropharyngeal Cancer

In this issue, Dr. Brian Moore, the Division Head of Head and Neck Cancer at Ochsner, describes important clinical innovations in the management of oropharyngeal cancer inspired by a changing epidemiology of the disease and new multimodality treatment concepts.

These treatment approaches have resulted in less morbid outcomes without detriment in the ability to cure the disease.

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June 2014 -Treatment Advances in Kidney Cancer

In this issue, the important problem of renal cell carcinoma in our country today is discussed.

This is a particularly prevalent cancer in our area. Over 64,000 patients will be diagnosed with kidney cancer in the United States in 2014. The good  news is that the majority of patients can be successfully treated.

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July 2014 -Treatment Advances in Skin Cancer

In this issue, Dr. Suneeta Walia, of Ochsner’s Dermatology Department and Director of the Ochsner Cancer Institute’s “Mohs Surgery Center,” discusses the important problem of non melanomatous skin cancer in our Region and the treatment opportunities available for such cancers through the “Mohs technique.”

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August 2014 -Treatment Advances in Rectal Cancer

In this issue, Dr. David Beck, a leading colorectal cancer specialist and surgeon of the Ochsner Cancer Institute describes the clinical scope of colorectal cancer in our society today and the therapeutic opportunities for the rectal cancer patient offered by their group.

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