See MD colleagues featured on New OHN, OACN Website.

June 26, 2024
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Desktop mockup of OHN website

Know these doctors? We salute the following physician champions for participating in Ochsner Health Network and Ochsner Accountable Care Network’s all-new website! By sharing their stories, they help bring to life the mission-critical work you’re doing to achieve greater value in healthcare.

Aldo Russo, MD – find Dr. Russo on the About Us page.

Beau Raymond, MD Membership page

Chaillie Daniel, MDHome page

Eboni Price-Haywood, MD Membership page

Ross Hamic, MD Home page

Veronica Gillispie-Bell,MDHome page

Wanda Robinson, MD Membership page

William Cefalu, MDAbout Us page


New website features include a robust resource library full of physician feature stories and professional articles filtered by specialty and topic.  You’ll also find the network’s latest impact report, share-worthy among your peers, vendors, payors, friends, and families.  

Do you have an experience or testimonial you’d like to share about how OHN or OACN has added value your practice? Email

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