What Doctors Wish Patients Knew

August 1, 2022
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Illustration of male and female doctors in white coats with clipboards.

Studies estimate that 27% of medical malpractice claims result from poor doctor-patient communication. Despite the best intentions and thorough explanations of diagnoses, tests, results and treatments, patients can walk away from discussions with their provider without a good understanding.

The American Medical Association is taking on common clinical topics facing physicians today and what they wish their patients knew. Topics range from monkey pox to mask-wearing, and vaccinations to Colo-rectal screening guidelines. Get the AMA’s latest releases below:

What doctors wish patients knew about monkeypox

What doctors wish patients knew about wearing N95 masks

What doctors wish patients knew about colon cancer screening

What doctors wish parents knew about kids' COVID-19 vaccine safety

What doctors wish patients knew about prior authorization

To follow the AMA’s series “What Doctors Wish Patients Knew,” click here.

For resources on advancing clinical communication skills, get the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) downloadable guide.

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