Board Members

  • Doug Ardoin, MD, Interim Chair, Ochsner Employed
  • D. Allen Brown, MD, Community Physician
  • Paul Bergeron, Kenner Community Member
  • Bill Golden, Baton Rouge Community Member
  • Eric Ehrensing, MD, Ochsner Employed
  • Kraig de Lanzac, MD, Community Member


  • Sidney "Beau" Raymond, MD, FACP, Medical Director
  • Scott Posecai, Treasurer
  • Christopher Sellers,Jr., Secretary

Operating Committee Members

  • Chair - TBD
  • Mary Lou Seymour, MD
  • D. Allen Brown, MD
  • Frank Cruz, Jr., MD
  • Frank Wilklow, MD
  • Carlos Sirven, MD
  • Chad Braden, MD
  • Hector Cabrera, MD
  • Karin Padigala, MD
  • Olle Kjellgren, MD
  • Myles Digby, MD

Leadership Opportunities

We invite each of you to become involved in the daily operations of the network to accomplish our goals, add value to your practice, and improve the quality of care provided to your patients. We offer a variety of leadership and engagement opportunities that we believe will interest you. If you would like to participate in any of the opportunities below, please contact us by email at opp@ochsner.org.

Subcommittee Descriptions and Members

Performance Improvement Subcommittee


Frank Cruz, Jr., MD, Chair Subcommittee Sponsor: Sidney "Beau" Raymond, MD, FACP

  • Jennifer Bigelow, MD, Community
  • D. Allen Brown, MD, Community
  • Karen Foti, MD, Community
  • Neil Notaroberto, MD, Community
  • John Wise, MD, Community
  • Oliver "Rocky" Mollere, MD, Ochsner Employed
  • James Taylor, MD, Community
  • Eric Ehrensing, MD, Ochsner Employed
  • Mohammad Suleman, MD, Community
  • Christian Mayorga, MD, Community
  • C. Bryan Miller, MD, Community
  • Michael Casey, MD, Community
  • Clinton Sharp, MD, Community
  • Robert Mckinney, MD, Ochsner Employed

We Commit To

  • Oversee the design and implement the OPP Performance improvement Plan (Quality, Safety, Efficiency and Patient Satisfaction)
  • Ensure CI Program meets Ochsner and OPP regulatory requirements
  • Assist in the implementation and have oversight of the Population tools
  • Develop plan for monitoring quality for all OPP partners
  • Develop annually a three-year PI Plan
  • Recommend clinical initiatives for network focus
  • Recommend performance improvement measures for the OPP scorecard
  • Monitor and report network performance to the Board on a quarterly basis
  • Ensure PI Plan is aligned with public and private payor priorities
  • Ensure PI Plan addresses the mission, local community, business and health system quality improvement priorities
  • Provide the OPP Operating Committee and Board with an Annual Report of Committee activities

Network Development and Credentialing Subcommittee


Carlos Sirven, MD, Chair

  • Mark Allen, Community
  • Sean Collins, MD, Ochsner Employed
  • John Nnadi, MD, Community
  • Richard Leblanc, MD, Ochsner Employed
  • David Vargas, MD, Ochsner Employed

We Commit To

  • Oversee the physician recruitment and credentialing process
  • Develop an efficient approach to the application and credentialing process for OPP partners
  • Develop and implement a process for assessing and managing the performance of physician partners
  • Provide the OPP Operating Committee and Board with an annual report of committee activities

Finance and Contracting Subcommittee


Marc Fisher, MD – Chair, Community Luis Uribe, MD – Vice Chair, Community
Subcommittee Sponsor: Mary Armstrong

  • Emmett Chapital, MD, Community
  • Glenn Johnson, MD, Community
  • James Lilly, MD, Community
  • Mary Lou Seymour, MD, Ochsner Employed

We Commit To

  • Oversee the payor strategy and contracting activities of OPP
  • Work closely with OPP management to evaluate cost/benefit of various contract opportunities to all categories of OPP partners
  • Provide the OPP Operating Committee and Board with an annual report of committee activities
  • Review and Approval of Payor Contracting
  • Present methodology for allocation and distribution of incentive funds to operating committee
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