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Catherine S., Nurse of the Year

Catherine smith Catherine Smith | Ochsner Medical Center

Training video star. Master of her craft. Lifelong learner.

For a new resuscitation protocol video, the Rapid Response Team quickly identified their subject expert: Catherine. She’s calm, respectful, and compassionate with patients and families. Plus, she’s an avid trainer and mentor.

Catherine also isn’t afraid of change. She often initiates it. To improve efficiency, she used her LEAN training to inventory, reorganize and create new systems for supplies, medications, equipment, and work space at the flight base. She was instrumental in moving Flight Care back to New Orleans. And she helps lead Ochsner’s Rapid Response/Code team, easily interacting with critical care directors, educators, staff, and leadership to improve responses.

Catherine Smith, Flight Care Nurse (Emergency Medical Transportation) at OMC-Jefferson Highway, was recognized as Nurse of the Year at the 2018 Spirit of Leadership Awards.

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