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Eddie S., Employee of the Year

Eddie Shelmire Eddie Shelmire | Ochsner Medical Complex - The Grove

Mr. Eddie is always ready with a smile.

In fact, patients and staff say they look for him at the entrance and count on him to start their day right. Every weekday at 5 a.m., Mr. Eddie is there to direct and escort patients, lend a hand, or round up wheelchairs from around the facility so they’re always accessible.

No task is too big or too small. He’s been known to offer bus fare from his own pocket, or wheel patients across the parking lot when they’re dropped off at the wrong door. A ubiquitous volunteer at Ochsner events, Mr. Eddie’s smile and charm helps carry Ochsner values to patients and the public.

Eddie Shelmire, Greeter and Concierge in Volunteer Services at Ochsner Medical Complex - The Grove in Baton Rouge, was recognized as Employee of the Year at the 2018 Spirit of Leadership Awards. 

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