Patient-Centered Care

Welcome to Patient-Centered Care

Ochsner Health System is always working on ways to improve not only your healthcare, but also how we help our patients live healthier lives.

That’s why we’ve adopted a new approach called Patient-Centered Medical Care.

Patient-Centered Care means that each patient at Ochsner will now have their own team of healthcare professionals, led by your personal physician, who are responsible for your care and form a deeper relationship with you by caring for you over time. For example, depending on your individualized needs, your team may include your doctor, a nurse practitioner, physician assistant, nurse, a health coach, dietician and other health professionals.

Patient-Centered Care also allows your team to understand and use your full medical history, including care that you receive outside of Ochsner, to coordinate treatment that is best for you. By looking at your “total” health, your personal physician can effectively manage your care across the team who will actively work with you.

Studies show that this Patient-Centered Care approach not only improves healthcare quality, it also improves safety and lowers healthcare costs for patients. Working together can prevent illness, increase efficiency and help you avoid unnecessary hospital stays or emergency room visits.

Quality You Can Trust

Ochsner's Patient-Centered Care is recognized by The National Committee for Quality Assurance as an official Patient Centered Medical Home TM site for its systematic, patient-centered, coordinated care supporting access, communication and patient involvement. The NCQA is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to improving healthcare quality. Patient-centered care gives you peace of mind knowing you will receive well-managed, high-quality, evidenced-based care and service at Ochsner.

What Patient-Centered Care Means for You

This new way of delivering care is designed to help you, our patient, play an active role in making health decisions to help you feel better and prevent future problems.

  • You will have stronger relationships and more consistent communication with your personal physician and your entire healthcare team
  • You will experience greater, easier access to comprehensive healthcare that is focused on you and coordinated by your team no matter where you receive care
  • You will play an active role in your health and will be provided with self-management tools so you can make informed healthcare decisions and meet your healthcare goals
  • You will have more time available, if needed, during appointments for discussion and interaction with your team

Our Commitment And Your Responsibilities

Ochsner Health System’s mission is to Serve, Heal, Lead, Educate and Innovate. We commit to you that our Patient-Centered Care approach will compassionately provide you with greater access to continuous, comprehensive healthcare focused on you and your family that is coordinated among all of your healthcare providers.

Patient-Centered Care supports you and empowers you to be an active part of your healthcare. Your responsibilities in patient-centered care are to communicate with your care team and learn more about caring for yourself.

Communicating With Your Care Team

Your care team can work most effectively when you are an active participant in every visit and provide us with a complete medical history including information about care you receive outside of Ochsner.

Always bring a list of any medicines, vitamins or remedies you use.

Ask questions about your health, care plan, team or patient-centered care and always tell us if you do not understand something. Ask us to explain it in a different way.

  • Always let us know if you get care from other healthcare professionals so we can help coordinate the best care possible
  • Always bring a list of questions to each of your appointments
  • Talk openly with us about your experiences so we know what we are doing well and what we can do better
  • Play an active role in your health and do your best to follow the plan we develop with you
  • Learn about your medical condition and focus on what you can do to stay as healthy as possible

Principles of Ochsner’s Patient-Centered Care

  • Personal Physician You will have an ongoing relationship with a personal physician trained to be your primary contact for your healthcare needs and provide continuous and comprehensive healthcare.
  • Physician-Directed Medical Practice Your personal physician leads a team of healthcare professionals who collectively take responsibility for your ongoing care.
  • Whole Person Orientation Your personal physician is responsible for providing all of your healthcare needs and will be responsible for arranging your care with other qualified healthcare professionals based on what is best for you.
  • Coordinated Care Your healthcare is coordinated among all of your physicians and across all the places where you receive care. All of your physicians and your healthcare team will be working together to provide the best care for you.
  • Quality You will play an active role in your health care; together we will use evidence-based healthcare tools to help you reach your goals.


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To schedule an appointment, talk with a nurse or get answers to questions call 985-639-3777.

When calling clinics after hours, Ochsner On-call is a free service available for sending messages to physicians, booking appointments and help answering your healthcare questions.

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