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With increased demands on time, resources, and energy, healthcare professionals and physicians are experiencing burnout at higher rates than ever before. The Office of Professional Well-Being at Ochsner was created to address and improve the well-being of Ochsner’s physicians and advanced practice providers (APPs) by determining the causes of physician and APP burnout. The program team is comprised of senior physicians, administrative leaders and frontline providers who are working together to strengthen the organization’s well-being.

Ochsner is the first healthcare system in the state to establish a department dedicated to the wellness of physicians and APPs. As a leader in innovating healthcare, our goal is to develop evidence-based solutions aimed at improving the well-being and engagement of provider teams across the state. At Ochsner Health System, we are dedicated to helping our patients, community, employees as well as providers achieve wellness. As a major part of our team, OPW is determined to help our physicians and APPs find the resources they need to avoid disengagement, reclaim joy and find harmony.

Our mission is to create an environment that promotes practice efficiency, resilience and a culture of wellness. Ochsner wants to continue providing high-quality, accessible and compassionate healthcare for our patients, and the success of our patients are determined by the wellness of our provider team.

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What Is Burnout?

Overwhelming exhaustion. Feelings of cynicism and detachment from the job or patients. A sense of ineffectiveness or loss of control. These are all clues that a healthcare professional is experiencing burnout. It is estimated that over half of the physicians in the U.S. experience some sign of burnout. Predominant drivers include:

  • High workload
  • Practice and workflow inefficiencies
  • Increased time spent in documentation
  • Lack of team support
  • Social isolation at work
  • Lack of exercise/poor physical health

In your personal life, burnout can lead to drug and alcohol abuse, divorce and depression. From an industry standpoint, burnout can impact quality of care, safety, patient satisfaction and staff turnover rates.

OPW helps by offering services designed to support professional well-being:

  • Practice Efficiency
  • Mental Wellness
  • Physical Wellness

The OPW core team has three dedicated work groups who are focused on creating a culture of wellness for our physicians and APPs.

Personal Empowerment

This work group acts as a liaison between OPW and Ochsner Human Resource Department to ensure that providers have the resources, support and tools needed to feel fulfilled and satisfied in life. The group’s goal is to promote work-life balance for physicians and APPs. Personal Empowerment supports the three key life components: work, yourself, and others. When physicians are empowered, they are better equipped to handle any challenges presented in their field or training.

Team-Based Transformation

Recent studies show that team-based issues are the primary factor of burnout. Teamwork is a core value at Ochsner. The group’s goal is to strengthen teamwork and existing infrastructures through team assessments, coaching, team building and interaction. The group focuses on specific local issues to solve to create a healthy team culture.

Practice Automation and Innovation

Physicians and APPs spend a majority of their time on paperwork. It was found that they usually take their work home with them as well. Recent studies show that 36% of tasks in healthcare can be automated. The group wants to eliminate paperwork, so physicians and APPs can spend more time with their patients, family and friends. The group will develop innovative ways of incorporating artificial intelligence into daily workflows and patient outreach as well as automating clerical tasks.

Practice Efficiency

When the little things don’t go right, the big things suffer. OPW can ease frustration in the workplace with the following services for physician well-being:

  • Information Services (IS) and Assistance
  • Epic 201 (an individualized and intensive course for providers who are less proficient in Epic)
  • Work Orders for Services

Mental Wellness

With a peer support program, easy access to mental health services, programs designed to help with major life issues, and spiritual care, OPW is there for healthcare providers.


C.O.P.E. (Connecting with Our Peers through Empathy) is a peer support program designed to provide emotional first-aid to healthcare providers involved in stressful or challenging patient events.

Ochsner Anywhere Care Behavioral Health and Well-Being

Ochsner employees can access online behavioral health counseling sessions and group therapy with loved ones through the Ochsner Anywhere Care website or mobile app in the privacy of their home.

Employee Assistance Program

The EAP provides assistance for major life issues, from relationship problems to legal and financial concerns. Employees and their household family members can receive counseling and help in identifying appropriate community resources.

Spiritual Care and Chaplaincy

Chaplains provide sensitive spiritual support for staff from all different faith backgrounds.

Learn more about Spiritual Care.

Health & Wellness Resources

Ochsner offers a robust group of programs to help you take care of your own health, including Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and coverage for Pharmacy, Vision and Dental as well as Retiree Medical Coverage.

Concierge Services

If you’re like most healthcare providers, work comes first and you never seem to get to your own to-do list. Ochsner Concierge Services offers a variety resources to make your life easier. Ochsner Concierge Services offers a variety of resources to make your life easier, including:

  • Auto services
  • Transportation, tour and travel arrangements
  • Reservations and appointments
  • Personal services, such as dry cleaning
  • Shipping and mail services
  • Referrals

Learn More and Contact Us

For questions or more information, email the Office of Professional Well-Being at

Nigel Girgrah, MD, Chief Wellness Officer

Melissa Love, Vice President of Professional Staff Services

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