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Every day, Ochsner takes care of hundreds of patients and each story is unique. Whether you are a patient, family member, caregiver, physician or donor, we invite you to share your story. We'd like to not only hear about your experience but also to share it across Ochsner Health System to recognize the care teams who touch lives in many different ways. Share your story.

<p>Michael S. - Cochlear Implant Recipient</p>

Michael S. - Cochlear Implant Recipient

I delayed getting a cochlear implant in my ear because I thought I would be too old for one, but it turned out that was not the case. When the hearing aid in my left ear wasn't doing the job anymore, I decided to go for my second Cochlear Implant. 

Michael S. | Gulfport, MS

<p>A Hand to Hold</p>

A Hand to Hold

A critical care nurse reflects on the meaning of her work.

Lynne Gravois Coughlin | New Orleans, LA

<p>Miracle Memories</p>

Miracle Memories

A NICU nurse gives a personal account of what its like to become familiar with miracles.

Patricia Matthews-Landry | Baton Rouge, LA

<p>My Journey into Nursing Leadership</p>

My Journey into Nursing Leadership

A nursing leader reflects on their career path to becoming Operations Coordinator at Ochsner Baptist Medical Center.

Raymond Joseph Balser, Jr. | New Orleans, LA

<p>Paul T. - Protect and Serve</p>

Paul T. - Protect and Serve

A law enforcement officer receives the life-saving gift of a double lung transplant.

Paul T. | Louisiana