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Advance Directives—Learn More and Print Forms

Advance Directives

All persons have the right to control the decisions that relate to their own medical care. This control includes those decisions which an individual can make to have "life-sustaining procedures" maintained, withheld, or withdrawn at the end of life.  Every competent adult (18 years or older) has the right to express their wishes in written advance directives, including in (1) a living will, or, as it is called in Louisiana, a declaration; or (2) a health care power of attorney.  It is best to record your wishes in writing in this way so that your intentions will be followed in the event that you can no longer speak for yourself and you are either in a "continual profound comatose state" or you have been diagnosed by two physicians as having a terminal and irreversible condition.   Your living will/declaration instructs your physician, friends, and family to maintain your life with life-sustaining procedures, which serve only to prolong the process of dying, or to withhold or withdraw such procedures (though not necessarily care that would make you comfortable) and allow you to die. A health care power of attorney, on the other hand, allows you to designate another individual to make treatment decisions on your behalf under the same circumstances described above.  You may revoke an advance directive at any time.

Advance Directives Forms

Ochsner encourages you to complete a written advance directive.  For your convenience, we have provided a link to the living will/declaration and health care power of attorney. Download, print, and complete the entire document in ink.  Deliver the document or your own properly executed advance directive to your Ochsner clinic/physician or a medical records department at any Ochsner hospital for placement in your medical record. 

If you are unable to download and print the documents or need assistance completing the forms, please call (504) 842-WISH (504-842-9474), or call our toll free number, (844) 808-WISH (844-808-9474). 


Ochsner will honor all valid living wills/declarations and powers of attorney for health care decisions properly brought to the attention of an appropriate Ochsner representative.  The honoring of such advance directives shall be done in strict in accordance with state and federal laws governing such directives Ochsner will not discriminate on admission or provision of care based upon the execution of an advance directive. A situation might arise, however, when your advance directive will not be implemented due to the medical judgment or conscience of individual health care providers. In these cases, Ochsner will attempt to resolve the disagreement or develop other options. Any Questions you may have regarding above may be directed to the Patient Relations Department at any Ochsner facility 504-842-4000.


You have a right to make a complaint against a health care provider relative to advance directives requirements.  Complaints regarding non-compliance by a hospital should be directed to the Department of Health and Hospitals, Health Standards Section, at 1-866-280-7737. The State of Louisiana, through the Department of Health and Hospitals, has developed this statement of your rights under Louisiana law.


None of the foregoing is meant to be legal advice nor is it intended to take the place of counsel, which can be provided by an attorney you may consult on your own.