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Balance System Assessments

At Ochsner, we know that as people age, balance diminishes. The Center for Disease Control reports that 1 in 3 individuals over 65 years old falls annually. This equates to over 20 million people a year. Ochsner’s balance lab can evaluate this problem along with assessing the ear for inner ear for feelings of dizziness.

We understand that complaints of dizziness or feeling off-balance can greatly impact your quality of life. That's why our balance lab has the latest state-of-the-art equipment to accurately identify these issues. Our team uses advanced testing methods to evaluate dizziness symptoms and to provide a complete report of eye movements related to these complaints. This not only helps diagnose the most common inner ear-related dizziness problems, but it also forms the foundation for personalized treatment recommendations. Trust the experts at Ochsner's balance lab to provide you with a diagnosis and effective solutions for your dizziness concerns.

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Map of Ochsner-affiliated facilities that provide services related to Balance System Assessments

Balance System Assessments Locations

Ochsner University Hospital & Clinics
2390 West Congress St.
Lafayette, LA 70506
  • Open 24/7
Ochsner Lafayette General Surgical Hospital
1000 West Pinhook Road
Lafayette, LA 70503
  • Open 24/7