Technology meets comfort with the Wide Bore MRI

Insightful Technology Helps Humanize The MRI Experience

Ochsner Medical Center – New Orleans on Jefferson Hwy. is pleased to introduce a new option for Magnetic Resonance Imaging – a Wide Bore MRI. This differs from the traditional tunnel-style magnetic resonance imager in which some patients feel confined and uncomfortable. This Wide Bore MRI is more open to comfortably accommodate all patients.

Patient Experience

The 70cm patient bore includes bright inner bore lighting and a flared gantry to lead to a more open experience, with nearly a half foot more space in diameter.

The patient-friendly design accommodates patients who are usually difficult to scan, such as larger, claustrophobic, elderly or very young patients, or those who are in pain and require a larger imaging system.

Coil designs made through the use of thinner, lightweight, flexible material can be used with a variety of body types, allowing easier patient positioning. Crafted to embrace the patient, these flexible coils make for a more relaxed scan experience.

Flexible coils make it easier for technologists to correctly position patients without strain or difficulty.

“This MRI is much more comfortable and spacious than the traditional narrow cylinder MRI.”


  • The Wide Bore MRI offers the same advanced technology and imaging results as traditional MRI scanners
  • The magnet supports a 70cm patient gantry and gives a larger field of vision for coverage and image quality
  • The large, usable field of view enables proper imaging of off-center anatomy, such as a shoulder or hip
  • It produces accurate, high-resolution images that can lead to a more precise diagnosis

For Physicians

For information on this technology or to refer a patient, call 504-842-3480

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