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Register to be an Organ Donor

Together We Transform Lives

More than 121,000 men, women and children are on the national transplant waiting list. Every 12 minutes another person is added. In Louisiana over 1,700 people are waiting for organ transplants. Nearly 20 people each day die unnecessarily because there are too few organ donors.

You can help save and enhance the lives of these people. Register today to be an organ donor.

Even if you’re currently an organ donor, you can still help. Have a discussion with your family members, so they are aware of your wishes. Also, please share this message with those you love.

April is National Organ and Tissue Donor Awareness Month. The need for organs and tissues for transplants greatly exceeds the availability and the difference is growing every day. Transplantation gives hope to thousands of people each year and to celebrate this spirit of generosity and compassion.

Encourage your friends and family to become organ donors today.


To hear patient stories, click here to visit the Ochsner Multi-Organ Transplant Institute's Facebook page.