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Ultrasound - Prenatal Four-Dimensional (4D)

Get a Clearer Picture of Your Baby at Ochsner St. Anne

With four-dimensional (4-D) ultrasound, Ochsner St. Anne can give you a more life-like image of your baby! Ochsner St. Anne offers this elective ultrasound to expectant mothers who are currently under prenatal care and have undergone their second trimester diagnostic ultrasound with their healthcare provider. (This is the anatomic survey ultrasound most commonly performed around 20 weeks.)

The 4-D ultrasound does not take the place of a complete diagnostic ultrasound or any other type of care your healthcare provider requires. Communication with your doctor is very important, so please request permission to have a 4-D ultrasound before scheduling your appointment.

What is 4-D ultrasound?

Like all ultrasound studies, the 4-D ultrasound uses high frequency sound waves to create images that can be viewed on monitor screens. With a 4-D scan, you are able to see more life-like images of your baby instead of the flat, grainy two-dimensional images available from traditional ultrasound equipment. By adding the fourth dimension of time, you will be able to see things like your baby smiling, yawning or sucking their thumb.

Your Ochsner St. Anne 4-D ultrasound includes a DVD recording of your ultrasound session, black and white images of your baby and gender determination, if requested.

When should I have a 4-D ultrasound performed?

The best time to see the features of your baby is between 28-32 weeks when the baby has more fat on their body but still has room to move around. There are always many variables involved in getting clear images of your baby, but Ochsner St. Anne’s registered sonographers will help you get the best images possible.

Who conducts the ultrasound session?

Your 4-D ultrasound will be conducted by a registered and qualified sonographer. Ochsner St. Anne’s sonographers will work to capture the best possible images of your baby in a reasonable time.

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How will I pay for my 4-D ultrasound?

Ochsner St. Anne accepts major credit cards and cash as payment for 4-D ultrasound services. Because the 4-D ultrasound is not a diagnostic procedure, insurance companies will not pay for these scans. Consider a 4-D ultrasound like taking your baby to a photography studio and having portraits made.

Ochsner St. Anne 4-D Ultrasound Pricing:

The non-diagnostic 4-D ultrasound package costs $165 and includes:

  • A 20-30 minute 4-D ultrasound session
  • A DVD recording of your baby
  • CD of all color still images
  • Black and white still images of your baby
  • Gender determination, if requested

Do I need an appointment?

Yes, all 4-D ultrasounds are performed by appointment only from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. Please call 985-537-3211 to schedule your appointment several weeks in advance to make sure your appointment is scheduled when the clearest images of your baby will be possible. You do not have to be an Ochsner St. Anne patient to schedule a 4-D ultrasound appointment.

Can friends and family come with me?

Yes. Ochsner St. Anne welcomes you to bring your friends and family with you to share the joy of this special experience. Our 4-D ultrasound rooms can comfortably accommodate four adults. Children under 12 years of age are not allowed in ultrasound rooms to reduce the risk of spreading communicable disease to Ochsner St. Anne patients.