Treating Your Emotions

Patients with cancer and their family members face severe stress and uncertainty. These emotions often begin with the onset of symptoms, but sometimes begin even prior to the actual diagnosis. During the course of cancer treatment, patients experience challenges and stressors related to changes in their daily functioning at work and at home.

The physical and emotional effects of the illness and its treatment may cause anxiety and worry for patients as well as their families. Even after completion of treatment, patients may fear that their cancer may recur.

Contact Information

All patients with cancer and their caregivers can make an appointment with an oncology social worker by calling 504-842-3910.

To make an appointment with the psychologist, call 504-842-3910.

Alternatively, patients can request a referral from their physician for these services.

Mental Healthcare

Ochsner employs four oncology social workers and a psychologist to help patients and their families cope with these challenges. The services these professionals provide benefit patients and their families by alleviating anxiety, improving their daily coping skills, and providing increased support through the journey with this illness.

Many patients and their families find that these services have a positive impact on their lives. By providing mental healthcare, we promote holistic wellness that complements the physical healing

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