Day Before Surgery

Day Before Surgery

Fasting is required before most surgical procedures. Generally, you should not eat (this includes gum, candy and mints), drink (including water) or smoke anything after midnight, the night before your surgery. However, your fasting requirements will be individualized based on the type and time of your surgery, as well as your medical history. Your surgeon or preoperative (pre-op) nurse will discuss your fasting requirements with you prior to surgery.

For Patients Going Home the Same Day of Surgery
To ensure your safety, you will not be allowed to leave the hospital alone or to drive yourself home following sedation or anesthesia. Please make sure you have someone available to bring you home when you are ready for discharge.

Medications to Take Prior to Surgery
Your surgeon or pre-op nurse will advise you what medications (if any) you should take prior to surgery. If you're told to take medications prior to surgery, you may take them with an ounce of water.

You will be given instructions for bathing the night before/morning of surgery. Please bathe and wash your hair as instructed.

Call your surgeon if you have a rash, fever, cold, cough, or you are feeling ill. If you need to cancel surgery, please contact the surgeon’s office and hospital at 468-8600.

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