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Programs and Events

Ochsner ofers a wide range of classes, seminars 

and support groups, including:

/ Infant Safety and CPR / Breastfeeding Basics 
/ Lamaze Class / Diabetes Support Group / Weight Loss Surgery Seminar
dear friends,
/ Dementia Caregivers Support Group / Parkinson’s Symposium

In the past year, we saw well over 300,000 patients at For details and to see the full calendar, visit
Ochsner. hese individuals came to us from across the 

street and around the world. In fact, we have treated 

patients from every parish in Louisiana, all 50 states ochsner board ochsner 
of directors
foundation board 
and more than 70 countries.
Pedro Cazabon, M.D.
Gayle Benson
Our rankings and reputation are helping us earn 
trust from patients and their families. We are proud F. Ralph Dauterive, M.D. Sarah Freeman Carey 

of the accolades we have received, but it is results, not Richard Deichmann, M.D. Calvin Fayard, Jr.
William H. Hines
Paul Flower
rankings, that drive us.
Dennis Kay, M.D.
Tommy Fonseca
Our team members wake up each morning with a 
passion and desire to deliver great care. We are com- R. Parker LeCorgne
Wilmer Freiberg
George Loss, M.D.
Marcel Garsaud
mitted to hiring the right people and investing in the 
James E. Maurin
Lee Giorgio, Jr.
latest technology so that we can continue changing Suzanne Mestayer
Todd Johnson

and saving lives.
Richard V. Milani, M.D. Clife Laborde

Every day we treat thousands of individuals, and Jeferson G. Parker
Pamela Steeg
each of those interactions is important. Because when Robert J. Patrick
Catherine Tremaine

we focus on getting it right for each person, we make Patrick Quinlan, M.D. 

an impact on our entire community.
Dana H. Smetherman, M.D. 
Steve Stumpf
Just as every patient encounter helps Ochsner 
José S. Suquet
deliver on its promise of exceptional care, every gift 
allows us to do even more for those who need our help. David R. Taylor, M.D. 
Warner L. homas
Ochsner exists to help patients heal and to comfort 
Andrew B. Wisdom
families. hat mission is big, but philanthropy can 

start small. Every contribution makes a diference to 
someone who is sick or injured.

I urge you to take action to join our mission of 


Warner L. Thomas
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