Quick Thinking by 'Nurse On Call' Team Member Saves a Life

December 4, 2023
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…the patient’s wife called Nurse On Call in tears, expressing her gratitude…

Cashmir Lavigne, a nurse with Nurse On Call, took a call from a patient who said he had visited his doctor a few days prior for symptoms including fatigue and had received a diagnosis. Despite following his doctor’s advice, he was still having symptoms and was feeling worse. Using the standard triage process and her swift assessment and critical thinking skills, Lavigne zeroed in on a few specific details the patient had mentioned––including a history of uncontrolled diabetes––and recognized that he was exhibiting signs of a liver problem.

She advised the patient to head to an emergency department for care, and he was admitted for cirrhosis of the liver and an elevated Hgb A1c. The patient was later discharged with a plan of care and follow-up appointments for his new liver diagnosis, as well as a thorough education and management plan for his diabetes.

“A few days after he was discharged, the patient’s wife called Nurse On Call in tears, expressing her gratitude that Lavigne had saved her husband’s life.”
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