What MDs Wish Patients Knew About Long Covid

April 1, 2022
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Dr. Devang Sanghavi, an intensivist and medical director of the medical intensive care unit (ICU) at Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida, has treated 100 patients to date with long Covid. He recently reported more information on the three types and what doctors wish patients knew.

Long Covid occurs in at least 10-30% of post Covid patients, including children. The symptoms – all over the map – can mask as other similar conditions. “There's a whole slew of symptoms affecting a variety of organ systems,” Dr. Sanghavi said. “No organ system is spared from long Covid, just like how Covid affects all these organ systems during acute illness.”

From gastrointestinal issues to cardiac symptoms to functional kidney difficulties, long Covid must be carefully evaluated. The symptoms, complicated by cognitive challenges and mental health struggles, are clustered and sometimes masquerade as other conditions, making diagnosis difficult. Sanghavi points out that many healthcare organizations have established post Covid clinics to focus attention on this complex condition, which happens to affect more women, middle aged, than men. Here’s the audio inside scoop on life inside a post Covid clinics.

For a compelling personal clinical narrative on the importance of listening while treating invisible illness and long haul Covid-19, published by the AMA’s Journal of Ethics, click here.

In light of today’s growing pervasiveness of long Covid, OHN physicians are encouraged to hardwire the scheduling of annual wellness visits (AWV), paying additional attention to compliance among patients who have tested positive for Covid-19, and potentially battling long Covid.

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