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Lose Weight


ORBERA Balloon

This nonsurgical option combines advanced technology with personalized lifestyle coaching to provide effective and safe weight loss.

  • The ORBERA stomach balloon is temporary — it’s removed after six months — and helps teach portion control.
  • Because there’s no surgery, there are no incisions, stitches or scars.
  • A team of experts supports your weight loss goals with a personalized diet and exercise plan.

Comprehensive Weight Loss

Meet with an expert and develop a plan that focuses on treating weight-related medical conditions through medication, diet and fitness.

  • Get treated for weight-related medical conditions.
  • Form a personalized diet and exercise plan with the help of a specialist.
  • Potential candidates include adults with a BMI of 27-29.9 and weight-related medical problems and those with a BMI of 30 or higher.

Bariatric Surgery

Our multi-disciplinary team supports you long after the procedure is complete with follow-up care and support.

  • Our accredited surgical weight loss program ensures you get the expertise you need for a safe and successful weight loss journey.
  • It’s more than just surgery. Get guidance on diet, exercise and more.
  • Potential candidates include adults 18 and older with a BMI greater than 35 with significant weight-related medical problems such as diabetes, hypertension or obstructive sleep apnea and those with a BMI higher than 40.

Get a Personalized Health Assessment

Find out which weight loss solutions can help you achieve your goals.