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Welcome Ochsner Alumni

The Ochsner Alumni Association

The Ochsner Alumni Association (OAA) has more than 4,000 members who represent medical and surgical specialties, education, and research throughout the United States and internationally.

The goals of the Ochsner Alumni Association (OAA) are to develop and maintain a close scientific and professional relationship with its membership, and to assist in the recognition and support of its members throughout the world. The OAA’s role is to facilitate fellowship and networking amongst its members.

Ochsner Health Alumni include: 

  • Physicians who have received their training at Ochsner
  • Graduates of the Ochsner Clinical School/University of Queensland Medical School
  • Ochsner staff physicians who have 15 or more years tenure with Ochsner
  • Retired Ochsner physicians 

Ochsner Alumni Board of Advisors

Timothy Riddell, MD - President
Christopher Fontenot, MD, FACS - Vice President
James Milburn, MD - Secretary/Treasurer
Michael Trotter, MD, FACS, FACC, FCCP - President, Emeritus
Hector Ventura, MD, FACC, FACP - President, Emeritus
Devinder Bhatia, MD, FACS - Member-At-Large
Jeffery Coote, MD - Member-At-Large
James 'Jim' Gilmore, MD, FACS - Member-At-Large
Jose Mena, MD, FACS - Member-At-Large
Sangeeta Shah, MD, FACC, FASE - Member-At-Large
John Renz, MD, FACR - Member-At-Large

Join the Alumni Association 

Lifetime Members become part of the Ochsner Alumni Society, the exclusive inner circle that also includes outstanding and honorary alumni. Lifetime Members enjoy benefits such as priority seating at Homecoming and special events in their honor. Dues collected for Lifetime Memberships to the Ochsner Alumni Association are placed in a permanently endowed fund with only the interest used for student projects and Alumni events. The cost is a one-time $1,000 fee.

Become a Lifetime Member

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