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CareConnect 360
Telehealth solutions for all-around care.
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CareConnect 360 – Ochsner’s Telehealth program – helps partner hospitals provide personalized, on-site coverage for patients requiring access to specialty services.

This service allows hospitals to talk to Ochsner specialists whenever needed, even at night. They use special technology that lets them see and hear each other clearly, and they can keep an eye on patients from far away using remote monitoring tools. Ochsner's CareConnect 360 team looks at what each hospital needs and determines the best telemedicine tools.

Ochsner doctors and nurses work closely with local hospitals' patients, families, and other medical staff. They help these hospitals treat patients who have serious or complicated health problems. This means that patients can get the care they need close to home without being moved to another hospital. It also ensures that their care is consistent and helps the hospital save money by not needing to buy expensive equipment immediately.

Ochsner CareConnect 360 has accomplished quite a bit – and its future looks very bright. 

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