Connected MOM
Using Wireless Technology to Manage Your Prenatal Health

As a participant, you will send weights and blood pressure readings, on your schedule, directly to your medical record at Ochsner, where they will be monitored by a team of dedicated health coaches and your obstetrician’s care team.


Your team here at Ochsner Health System is excited for the upcoming addition to your family and is ready to support you over the course of your pregnancy. One of the ways we are prepared to help you is through our exciting new Digital Medicine Program, Connected MOM.

connected moms expectant mothers

Connected MOM stands for Connected Maternity Online Monitoring and is offered free of charge as a way to help our expectant mothers manage their pregnancy with fewer visits to the obstetrician.

Through Connected MOM, expectant mothers will be able to digitally send weights, blood pressure readings and urine protein test results to their medical team from the comfort of home without needing to schedule an appointment.

connected moms expectant moms