How to Participate
You are the key player in making your participation in Connected MOM a success.There are four simple ways for you to benefit most from our program.
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Weigh yourself each morning

Over the course of your pregnancy, it’s expected that your weight will change. To ensure you are on the right track and maintaining a healthy weight for you and your baby, your health coach needs up-to-date information. When you step on the scale each morning and send in your weight, you are helping your care team monitor your progress and keep you healthy – all while saving you the time of making an extra visit to the doctor.


Take three at-home urine protein tests

During weeks 20, 30 and 37, you will receive a MyOchsner message with instructions on how to take your at-home test and enter the results in MyOchsner.
These simple tests provide your care team with valuable information that is normally collected at the office, but Connected MOM enables you to complete them from the comfort of your own home.


Take your blood pressure three times each week

Blood pressure is a good indicator of prenatal health. By taking your blood pressure at home and sending the readings to us three times a week, your care team will be able to closely monitor any changes and alert you of abnormal readings or necessary steps without requiring you to make an additional appointment.


Check your account regularly and enable notifications

MyOchsner is our online patient portal and how your physician, health coach and nurses will communicate with you. During and after your pregnancy, you will receive information beneficial to your continued care through MyOchsner.