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Globally Linked Ochsner Belonging & Engagement (GLOBE)


Globally Linked Ochsner Belonging & Engagement (GLOBE) is an employee resource group focused on being a resource to both Ochsner and the community to advocate and foster engagement around diversity and inclusion activities. The goals and objectives of GLOBE are in alignment with Ochsner's Core Values, Mission and Vision.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

GLOBE is a platform for empowerment, mentorship, and networking for all employees from diverse cultures and nationalities that desire optimal representation. GLOBE will empower Ochsner’s international employees to expand their social and professional network in a safe space that celebrates authenticity and individuality by encouraging meaningful conversations, creating a sense of belonging and fostering cultural awareness, and celebrating the unique observances and experiences of all Ochsner’s employees and patients.

Our Vision

GLOBE aims to create a culture of inclusion, tolerance, and mutual understanding at Ochsner for all cultures and beliefs, where all employees and patients feel welcome, included, and supported, enabling Ochsner to become a globally recognized brand that is sought after by a diverse workforce and patient community.

Goals and Objectives

  • Help employees navigate different challenges that others may not understand and advocate for an environment that caters to international employees and patient’s needs (legal, cultural, terminology, appearances, menu options, behaviors etc.).
  • Bring cultural awareness by celebrating different cultural observances.
  • Offer a networking platform for mentoring and professional development.
  • Ensure that Ochsner’s systems have consistency in representing race and ethnicity.
  • Understanding/tracking our current employee international demographics for the ORG’s communication and recruitment for ORG network, committees, and positions.
  • Offer peer-to-peer program for employees moving from or to a different culture/location.
  • Offer a platform to help recruiting international physicians, employees.
  • Recruit 200 members in Year 1.
  • Driving awareness with the diversity & inclusion organizations across the system.