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Eat Fit CHOP Toolkit Program
Confidence in the kitchen. Learning where our food comes from. Kids taking the initiative to make their own afternoon snacks. These are just a few of the many benefits of Eat Fit CHOP in the Kitchen.
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About Eat Fit CHOP 

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Designed for kids ages 8-18, Eat Fit CHOP in the Kitchen, provides culinary toolkits, recipes, workbooks and activities to local schools, camps, recreational departments and youth programs. Each 8-lesson series cooking classes can accommodate up to 20 students for hands-on training, support and encouraging kids as they learn dozens of basic cooking skills. Classes include basic knife skills, sautéing and baking, healthier fast-food and lower sugar sweet treats. 

Developed by the nutrition team behind the Ochsner Eat Fit nonprofit restaurant initiative, our mission is to teach kids about cooking, nutrition and all aspects of food literacy, along with fundamental cooking techniques used by top chef's. Plus, kids get access to digital workbooks, recipes and the FREE Eat Fit smartphone app.

Kids learn to make these recipes and more- on their own, and with confidence.

The Eat Fit CHOP in the Kitchen Toolkits

We have developed a replicable program that we call, Eat Fit CHOP in the Kitchen Toolkits. Through community partner discussions, idea-sharing and national nutrition program best-practice research, we developed a mechanism to condense the program into a deliverable, easily replicable kit. Quite literally, Eat Fit CHOP in the Kitchen translates to all supplies and tools necessary for any organization to teach and facilitate the program is provided in a one large box. Our staff will train an individual at your organization on how to implement, teach and facilitate the program.

Included in each toolkit is enough materials and equipment to cover and 8-week course for 20 students:

  • Portable burners and convection ovens
  • All supplies, tools, utensils required for every recipe
  • Ingredient stipend (If available)
  • Student workbooks and teacher curriculum

To request an Eat Fit CHOP in the Kitchen Toolkit for your school, church, non-profit, or community organization, please fill out the Eat Fit CHOP In the Kitchen REQUEST FORM.

For more information, please contact Erin Arceneaux at