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Partner with Eat Fit

Our team of registered dietitians works closely with you to discover and create Eat Fit dishes that best suit your brand, customers and needs. Eat Fit is a nonprofit initiative of Ochsner Health; there is no fee or additional charge to add the Eat Fit seal to restaurant menus.

And Eat Fit partnerships aren’t limited to menus! Eat Fit also collaborates with product partners and brands that align with our nutritional guidelines.

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Interested in partnering with Eat Fit? Email the Eat Fit Nutrition Team at

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Partnering with Eat Fit

  • Customizable

    The Eat Fit registered dietitians work closely with restaurant partners to ensure we are meeting guests' needs while upholding the integrity and intention of their dishes. Whether it's gluten free, vegan, keto or simply low-carb, we work with chefs to create these dishes to fit within Eat Fit parameters.

  • Consumer Trends

    Partnering with Eat Fit gives restaurants a competitive edge by appealing to consumer who want to stay true to their lifestyle choices and wellness needs while enjoying the experience of dining out. We provide support and relevant information to align nutritious with delicious.

  • Public Relations

    The Eat Fit team can assist with press releases, quotes, media interviews and more, providing the support and third-party validation of health professionals and a large-scale health system. We actively share our partners' work, events and more on social media, reaching an audience of over 30,000 individuals.

  • Eat Fit Mobile App

    Eat Fit dishes are featured on the Eat Fit mobile app with full nutrition facts for consumers and promoted via Eat Fit website and social media.

"Our Eat Fit NOLA menu items give our guests their “cake and eat it too” – great flavor and a smart choice. The knowledge we have gained from years of working with registered dietitian Molly Kimball and the Eat Fit team, paired with the creativity of Chef Tory has paid off handsomely with our guests and our own team."

- Ti Martin, co-proprietor, Commander’s Palace

Eat Fit Community Events

The Eat Fit team loves getting out in the community educating and empowering others to live their strongest, healthiest lives possible by providing easy-to-access real-world education, inspiration and resources on wellness and nutrition.

To request Eat Fit to attend your event, please fill out this form and an Eat Fit team member from your region will get back to you soon!

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Apply to be an Eat Fit Ambassador

Fill out the Eat Fit ambassador application form and email to

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More Ways to Partner with Eat Fit

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Help us support our Eat Fit partners in the most meaningful way. Ochsner’s Eat Fit nonprofit initiative collaborates with restaurants to help make the healthy choice the easy (and delicious) choice! Your generosity supports the nonprofit work we do for our partners and for our community. Thank you for supporting our Eat Fit mission to inspire our community to live their strongest, healthiest lives.

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