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Want to launch Eat Fit in YOUR region?
Since its launch in 2013, Ochsner Eat Fit has collaborated with more than 600 partners across Louisiana. Its reach has grown to include Eat Fit NOLA, Eat Fit Northshore, Eat Fit BR, Eat Fit Acadiana, and Eat Fit 318. The Eat Fit registered dietitians are experts in their field, maintaining a thriving program that has become a household name in communities across Louisiana.
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Download The Eat Fit Licensing Information

As a consultant for Eat Fit Restaurant Programs in other regions, Eat Fit can provide the following services:

  • Eat Fit licensing + branding
  • Design of logo & approval seal
  • Brand guidelines packet for internal + external use
  • Eat Fit Workshop
    • Intensive Eat Fit workshop for staff training on Eat Fit Protocol
    • “How to” guide for outreach to potential Eat Fit partners + onboarding new Eat Fit partners
    • Strategies to modify restaurant dishes according to fit Eat Fit parameters
    • Recommendations + modifications that are realistic for and sustainable to the restaurant
  • Training Staff
    • Nutritional parameters for Eat Fit menu item
    • Identifying + drilling down the numbers to determine if a dish meets Eat Fit criteria
    • Providing access and training for nutrition analysis software
    • Food styling & food photography
    • Provide staff with resources for ingredient recommendations to restaurants
    • Specific brands of hot sauces, seasonings, sweeteners, breads that generally work well

  • Sample media pitches
    • Segment + article ideas to promote Eat Fit within local print, radio, and TV media
    • Maintaining proper Eat Fit brand
    • Branding on menus, social media, PR, and marketing materials
    • Apparel: Logo design for Eat Fit apparel - including branded shirts, hats, aprons, and more!
  • Strategies
    • Engaging + maximizing relationships with Eat Fit partners
    • Immersing + connecting Eat Fit with the surrounding community
  • On-call access for questions throughout the process