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Corporate Wellness & Executive Health
Ochsner offers a variety of programs designed to enhance employee and executive wellness and reduce healthcare costs.
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Executive Health Program

The Ochsner Executive Health Program gives you the tools to enhance the well-being of your key executives through annual schedule-friendly physical examinations; which include all preventive screenings, lab tests and consultations under one appointment.

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On-site Wellness Programs

Employees can participate in these programs right at their worksite

  • Hello Health at Work Seminars: These educational sessions, conducted at the worksite, focus on health topics like fitness, nutrition, heart health, and more.
  • Exercise Classes: Give employees opportunities to get moving, lose weight and improve cardiovascular and joint health on site.
  • Comprehensive Corporate Wellness: Our customizable solutions for your employees include access to a wellness portal, corporate health coordinator, education and coaching resources and more.

Individual and Group Plans

for Nutrition and Exercise-Readiness Evaluations

These customizable corporate offerings give your employees opportunities to take control of their health through lifestyle changes.