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Companies who are interested in offering a more robust, comprehensive wellness program for their employees can have Ochsner work with you to design, implement and manage your program.

Your comprehensive wellness program will include:

Wellness Program Management and Customized Employee Wellness Portal

Ochsner will partner with your organization to design a three-year wellness strategy, including a wellness communication plan, implement quarterly activity challenges, serve on your Wellness Committee, and provide navigation and access to your employees for healthcare.

Through this comprehensive program, your employer will have access to the Ochsner Wellness portal, which is customized to reflect your company's culture, incentive design and overall population health goals. The Portal allows for validated activity tracking, individualized educational plans, health coaching, health risk assessment tools and biometric data uploads. There are many unique features available to drive engagement and to measure outcomes, including access to robust summary and cohort reporting that will help you trend and measure your progress more effectively.

The Ochsner Comprehensive Wellness Program also includes a part-time Wellness Coordinator to help you create a wellness vision for your company, while working seamlessly with your team to implement and manage your program and build a true wellness culture at the workplace.

Wellness Coordinator

The on-site program will be designed and implemented by a part-time Ochsner Wellness Coordinator. This coordinator serves as a resource for your company to develop your customized wellness program in collaboration with your HR department and senior management team, as well as your insurance provider and broker whose mission is in alignment with your company's vision to create a culture of health and wellness for your employees. Additional responsibilities of the wellness coordinator are to assist not only with questions regarding the program but also for assistance with engaging in the wellness portal and completing the Health Risk Appraisal (HRA), develop communications plan, assist in development of a wellness committee, coordinate and conduct on-site biometric testing and coordinating medical care when necessary, schedule quarterly on-site educational programs, enroll employees in the coaching program, and report aggregate outcomes to meet health goals.

On-site Biometrics

Screening events will be conducted to help employees identify potential health issues through on-site measurements of cholesterol, triglycerides, glucose, blood pressure, height, weight, waist circumference and Body Mass Index (BMI). Results are provided immediately following the screening through a one-on-one consultation with a Registered Nurse. If a recommendation is made to see a physician, Ochsner nurses can assist with the scheduling of this appointment in a time-efficient manner.

Health Risk Assessment, Risk Stratification and Reporting

We help each employee learn about his or her health status through an online health risk assessment. The resulting health status is determined through employee biometric data along with employee responses to questions about health behaviors and habits. The online program also provides aggregate data on organizational health trends useful to determine percentages of employees that are at low, medium, or high risk for developing chronic illnesses. Our wellness coordinator and health coaches will partner with the employee to determine intervention strategies targeted to improve their overall health. Reports track these factors annually and help your company assess the effectiveness of health interventions provided by Ochsner."

Health Coaching

Ochsner has built a staff of health coaches by matching medical expertise and training to the individual needs of your employees. Four of the top five risk factors of our coaching participants are nutrition and weight control, physical inactivity, stress management, and elevated blood pressure. To respond to those risks, our coaches have either a dietetics or nursing background and are organized into teams that can be matched to address your individual needs. In addition to being registered clinicians (RD or RN), our health coaches are certified as a Health and Wellness Coach through Wellcoaches.

The knowledge of our health coaches only makes up part of the equation in helping someone change their lifestyle or habits. To help someone change a negative behavior, such as smoking, our health coaches go beyond mastering health as a science-they understand health as a behavior and will help you:

  • understand the value of good health
  • address resistance to change
  • set short and long term goals
  • build and sustain a supportive environment
  • overcome challenging obstacles
  • celebrate successes


Ochsner’s quarterly “Hello Health at Work” seminars are presented to your employees by physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, and other health professionals at your place of work on topics of interest to your employees. These topics can be tailored to what is most appropriate for your company’s specific health risks and are always chosen by the employer. See most frequently requested topics.

This is a great opportunity to not only give your employees the most current information on a certain health topic, but also to have a clinician available to answer any individual health questions without having to make an appointment at a clinic.

We can provide electronic monthly newsletters and articles addressing health topics, specific risks, and points of interest as requested.

Nurse Navigation and Physician Appointment Scheduling

A Registered Nurse is available 24/7 to answer health care questions, triage current health issues and to determine appropriate place for medical care, as well as to help your employees schedule their appointments.

Incentive Design and Implementation

Your Ochsner wellness coordinator will work with your HR department, brokers, and insurance representatives to develop an incentive program for all employees that will drive engagement in the wellness program, as well as help reduce employee health risks. An effective wellness program incentive design will establish Wellness Targets as a baseline in the initial year. In subsequent years, participants will be required to either be in range or achieve a minimum improvement in each agreed upon wellness target to earn an incentive for the next year. The Ochsner Health Portal provides activities and engagement; however, the primary function will serve as a data base to document and measure clinical health outcomes.