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STEM Pathfinder Program

The 2024 STEM Pathfinder Application is now open. Please email with any questions.

Ochsner STEM Pathfinder Program will be offered in multiple regions throughout Louisiana: New Orleans, Baton Rouge , River RegionNorth Louisiana and Monroe. Please look at the flyers for eligibility in each region.

Apply Here

STEM River Region 

STEM Monroe

STEM New Orleans

STEM Baton Rouge

COVID-19: Student and patient safety is a top priority. COVID-19 vaccination is a requirement to participate. For answers to frequently asked questions regarding the COVID-19 vaccine and for information on how to schedule an appointment, please visit

Mission Statement

STEM Pathfinder is a cost-free program that will encourage entry into the health sciences workforce by introducing local high school students to a wide range of career paths. Throughout the program, Ochsner healthcare professionals from across many disciplines will provide mentorship to students, preparing them to make intentional career decisions.

Program Description

STEM Pathfinder is a one-week summer program for students in grades eight through 10 focused primarily on healthcare career exploration and interactive science education. Participants learn about various healthcare career tracks through mentorship from Ochsner professionals. In addition to career chats and virtual tours of the facility, the program incorporates hands-on learning opportunities. Students participate in clinical skills training and experiment with science laboratory equipment. Initially launched in New Orleans East in 2021, STEM Pathfinder expanded into Baton Rouge and into North Louisiana in 2023. Learn more about regional programs below. 

After attending the STEM Pathfinder Program:

  • 100% of students are
    • More aware of the variety of different healthcare careers.
    • More confident in their ability to pursue a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) related healthcare career
  • 92% of students felt more confident in their ability to become a healthcare professional.
  • 96% of students were more interested in pursuing a healthcare career.
  • 96% of students felt more empowered to find out more information about becoming a healthcare professional.

Application Process

1. Online Student Application (completed by the student)

  • General Student Information
    • General demographic information
    • Current school details
    • Parent/guardian information.
  • Short Answer
    • What do you like to do in your spare time? Please tell us about some of your hobbies, extracurricular activities, after school clubs, etc.
    • Tell us about a time you served your community.
    • Who would you consider to be a role model, and why?
  • School Transcript or Report Card (to be attached)
    • You will be asked to upload a copy of your most recent school transcripts. Unofficial copies are acceptable.
  • Video Diary Submission (optional)
    • You can develop a two- to five-minute video including an introduction of who you are to answer any of the following prompts:
        • Describe a time you did a good job and were proud of your work.
        • What is your favorite book? Explain why it is your favorite and how it has impacted you.
        • Describe a time you had a positive impact on someone.
        • Why do you want to participate in this program?

2. Letter of Recommendation

  • A request will automatically be sent to your recommender after you complete the "Recommender Request" section of your application. You will need the recommender's name and email address.
  • Be sure talk to your recommender before and after submitting their information to be sure that he/she has received the submission link. It is the student's responsibility to make sure the recommendation is completed on time.

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