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Resolve a Conflict

Patients, Families and Health Care Providers donʼt always agree on what is right for the patient. Some consider ethics to be the search for what is “right”.

Difference of Opinion

Medical ethical concerns may arise when there is conflict between what patients, their family or health care providers believe to be “right” in taking care of the patient. If you feel there are differences in your beliefs and your Health Care Team that are making you uncomfortable, a Medical Ethics consult may help resolve your concerns.

Bioethics Committee

The Bioethics committee is a group of people from many backgrounds with experience at resolving conflicts of beliefs who will meet with the individuals with concerns and make recommendations to help resolve the issues.

Medical Ethics Consult

If you feel that there are conflicting issues of what may be “right” for you, a family member or a patient under your care, a Medical Ethics consult may help resolve the concerns. A Medical Ethics consult may be requested by anyone with concerns about what may be “right.”