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May these days of healing bring comfort to all who have no homes to shelter their weary and frightened beings. Let us remove hatred and jealousy from the hearts of all and create welcoming greetings that all can hear.

Fr. Anthony J. De Conciliis, CSC

Spiritual Culture and Transformation in Medicine and in the Healthcare Workplace

Ochsner Health enjoys an excellent clinical reputation throughout the country. It serves patients that come from many parts of the United States and many other countries. This clinical culture of medicine extends beyond the physical and includes the spiritual culture of healing. This spiritual culture is built on the practice of human values and virtues which, taken together, foster a spirituality of healing, meaning and purpose. A spiritual culture is what can be described as the “spiritual foundation of medicine.” This culture at Ochsner is energized by the work of the Institute of Medicine, Education, and Spirituality (IMESO) and many other programs and services supported by the system.

A Vision Statement for Value in Healthcare

Character at the Heart of Healthcare

Tributes to IMESO's Effectiveness

Breath and Depth of IMESO at Ochsner Health 

Contact Information:

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Rev. Anthony J. De Conciliis, CSC, D. Min. PhD
Vice President - IMESO: Spiritual Culture and Transformation
Institute of Medicine, Education, and Spirituality Ochsner Health 
(504) 842-6941


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Spirituality and Transcendence

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